Hayfever Relief from Ffynnonwen Natural Therapy

Latest estimates indicate that over 60% of the population of the British Isles suffer from exposure to pollen every Summer, but you need not be amongst that number.

The simple isopathic (homeopathic) preparations can gently normalise your body's reaction to pollens, without your taking antihistamines or other chemical drugs. Without side effects. Without the cost of buying medicines week in week out from Spring to Autumn, so that you can soon become symptom free as your body's own protections are stimulated.

Prepared with care in our associated pharmacy, these homeopathic hayfever remedies are the result of over 20 years of development.

They are able to protect the individual from the effects of pollens that affect increasing numbers of the population of developing nations.

For addressing conditions other than hayfever and for information about our

Diploma in Allergy and Environmental Therapy go to www.allergy.org.uk


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